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The Infodoctor Ecosystem

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Web page of Asociación de la Lluita contra la Distonia a Catalunya.

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Spanish adaptation of the Bandolier journal.

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El Gipi

Grupo Independiente de Pediatras Informatizados. Website for Spanish pediatrists at primary attention.

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El Greco

Independet webiste to help healthcare centers that use OMI-AP.

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Médicos del Sahara

Information about healthcare in Sahara. By Salek Ali.

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Blog de Rafa Bravo

Personal site of Dr. Rafael Bravo, science commentator and primary attention doctor.

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Apuntes de Neurología

Ebook for the neurology community. By David Ezpeleta.

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Angiología y Cirugía Vascular

Webpage of the Angiology and Vascular Surgery Department at the Universitary Hospital Son Dureta, Mallorca.

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